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Beverley Hills, we have got the perfect wallpaper designs for you. Doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of art or nature, you will surely like a design or two from our inventory because we have got it all at the Wallpaper Boulevard (+1 for our writer’s rhyme game).

Shop for designer wallpaper by color, design or room. Fast expedited shipping available for rush orders. 

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With so many benefits, some still shy away from the thought of using wallpaper in their homes. We aim to change that and make sure that each wall of your home looks picture perfect. Today, we want to know why you are still using paint on your walls, instead of beautiful and durable wallpaper. Is it because you have heard that wallpaper can be very expensive? If so, we want to make one thing very clear today. Wallpaper is anything but pricey or expensive.

What if we told you that wallpaper is cheaper than wall paint? Wall paint requires more manpower and time for its proper application. This, coupled with multiple coats and high contract costs adds up to a very high figure. So, why not get rid of all the hassle and go for wallpaper instead? While it is true that some wallpaper stores list unbelievably high prices for their products, we aim to change that perception. At Wallpaper Boulevard, we provide the budget-friendly products, whilst still taking care of your home’s aesthetics. After all, what is the meaning of spending all that money, if not for improving the elegance of your walls?