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Quick Spring Upgrades Using Paint and Wallpaper

Posted on: April 27, 2017 by admin

If you are looking for quick, stylish, upgrades for your home's color scheme this spring, a great place to start is with your walls. Paint accents and wallpaper can be quick additions to your home's decor without too much cost or effort. Here are three color-themed trends that you can easily incorporate into your home's look this spring.

1. Don't be Afraid of Bold Accent Colors

Spring is a great time to get your home's decor updated with bright, bold, color schemes. If you love the look of vibrant yellows, oranges, or greens, you can feature this look but in smaller doses. Be sure to pick colors that will complement your current furnishings. You can also keep brighter colors in smaller spaces or areas without much natural light, such as kitchens. 

2. Incorporating Darker Color Schemes 

When is comes to paints and color palettes, slate grays and dark blues are in this season. A great compromise is to use these darker colors in smaller areas of the home or as accents. If you don't have the time to paint an entire room, an accent wall or trim can be updated with a small amount of dark-colored paint. 

3. Bringing a Touch of Class with Wallpaper 

If you are looking for a unique look, you can complement existing paint schemes with wallpaper accents. This can be added to the backs of shelving, along hallways, or in smaller spaces such as a bathroom or office. If you are renting, removable wallpaper can offer the same feel of a paint upgrade without the permanency.

If you don't have the budget or time for a major overhaul of your home's color scheme, bold paint accents, minor updates, and wallpaper additions can all quickly freshen up your look this spring. Be sure to find a mix between trending products and what fits your personal style. This way, updates can last into the next season or even for years to come.

Keeping up with trending color schemes for one’s home can be a challenge. The article showcases small updates one can make to incorporate this season’s look. Coming from a budget and DIY perspective, this article is geared towards those looking to update their home quickly yet with style.