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We understand the challenges of finding just the right wallpaper for a decorating project. Our website provides something for everyone – whatever your taste or budget.

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There are many types of projects that require wallpaper to complete them. Homes, offices, public facilities, hospitals, and a host of other buildings require their own unique look. You want to create the right environment based on who will be spending time in the room.

Our website is designed to help you stay focused on your task, regardless of what kind of space the wallpaper will adorn. Navigation is designed to let you cull out the options that aren’t ideal for your project. When people shop online, they almost always narrow their search based on one of four aspects of the wallpaper:

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Room
  • Style

Once you establish which is the best approach for your project, you can sort it based on price per roll to make it easy to ignore rolls that are out of your budget.

While pattern and price play a major role in your selection, there are other considerations. For example, if you are working on a public facility, you may need to consider wallpaper that meets a certain classification. Wallpaper that is more durable and less likely to show stains is required for areas like lobbies and waiting rooms where there is likely to be a lot of traffic. Our trained staff can help you with any questions you may have about the different wallpapers for your specific needs. Just call.

Once you have your options narrowed to just a select few probable options, you can order a sample so that you can do an actual comparison in the room where the wallpaper will hang. We know that nothing provides a better idea of just how the wallpaper will look than an actual sample. Just let us know where you want the sample or samples sent, and you can keep you project moving.