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Hunting for just the right wallpaper can take time, but it is always worth it when you find the perfect match for your interior decorating project.

Browse through our large selection of different wallpapers online to get your project moving in the right direction. Free shipping to Lake City, FL.

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Lake City Wallpaper Store

Whatever your taste, style, or budget, you are nearly certain to find what you want for your interior design project. We offer a selection that is not only extensive; it is added to almost every day. If you return to our site every few days, you will find a number of new options when you return.

To help you better focus on the patterns you want (and ignore those you don’t), our site is designed to easily eliminate the options that you already know don’t fit your image of the room. Choose from one of the following starting points to narrow your options that most closely meet your ideal wallpaper:

  • Color
  • Room
  • Style
  • Brand

After you eliminate the options you don’t want, you can further refine your search based on price per roll so that you can ignore the options outside of your budget.

Of course, there are more things to consider than just the appearance and price. You want something more durable for areas and facilities where there will be a lot of traffic. If you want something a little less ordinary, you can consider things that have additional visuals added, such as glitter or glass beads. You can also get wallpaper with a textural addition that will surprise anyone who touches the wallpaper. Finally, consider if you will be the one installing the wallpaper yourself or if a professional will do it. This may change your final decision – if you like a really complicated pattern or something that is not pre-pasted, it will be more difficult and we recommend getting assistance from a professional for these kinds of wallpaper rolls.