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Finding just the right wallpaper for a project is much easier when you shop online. Because we have an extensive collection, we believe you will find nearly the perfect pattern for your project on our site. 

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There are many considerations when looking for the right wallpaper for any home interior project.

  • What kind of space will the wallpaper be decorating? The kitchen or living room of a home? A child’s bedroom or a nursery? A lobby in a doctor’s office or a hospital? A hotel suite?
  • What kind of pattern would work best? The more complicated patterns will require more rolls than the most basic ones.
  • What is the surface area you want to cover? Will you be wallpapering the entire room, just a couple of walls, or just the top part of the wall over a handrail?
  • Will you be installing the wallpaper yourself, or will you hire a professional?
  • What is the environment in which the wallpaper will hang? Are there extreme temperature changes? Is it particularly humid or arid?

All of these factors will affect how much wallpaper you need, as well as the price that you are likely to pay per roll.

For example, if you want to hang visually interesting wallpaper, with elements like glitter in a child’s room, the additional element will make the wallpaper cost more per roll. If you plan to only wallpaper two walls, and then paint the other two walls of the room, you won’t need as much wallpaper.

Take the time to consider the many different factors before you really start your hunt. From there, you can narrow your search to just a few of your favorites and order samples to see how they will look in the room. Also visit our blogs to get answers to the most basic questions or call us.