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Wallpaper Boulevard is your online source for all wallpaper, regardless of taste. We have a wide variety of both subtle traditional designs and bold, contemporary modern ones.

Our collection avails all that you need to give your walls that unique personality.

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Adding color and personality into your living or working space is a delicate procedure, and as such, you need the right platform for your materials in a bid to bring your ideas to life. Our online website gives you an interactive platform that takes you through the step by step process of making a perfect pick.

We understand that commercial spaces reflect different tastes from residential homes, and for this reason, we have tons of designs for each category. With an understanding of the need for flexibility, we bring an array of products that manifest the same, with wallpapers priced from $12.99 to $250 depending on quality and texture.

The prices of our wallpaper varies depending on:

  • Brand type
  • Presence of elements like glass beads, glitter, or sand
  • Percentage of natural elements used in manufacture
  • The design type – unlike the pre-pasted type, you will likely pay more for the acrylic-coated or non-woven
  • Textured wallpapers will cost more due to the greater amount of ink used in manufacturing them

After going through the available options on our website, order a sample and follow it up with the actual rolls that are readily delivered to your home or office. Transform your walls with us. Serving the entire Greater Pittsburgh area.