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Shopping for wallpaper online has made it considerably easier to find just the right solution for your decorating project. Our selection is updated daily, giving you a reason to keep returning to our website for inspiration.

You can get started browsing to find the right solution at any time. Free shipping to Santa Barbara. 

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Santa Barbara Wallpaper

One of the reasons that wallpaper never really goes out of style is because it can do so much to pull a room together or provide the right accent to a room. Technology has made it easier to both find the right wallpaper for your project, as well as making it easier to find a wallpaper that is easy to install and durable.

Our wealth of options can look a bit intimidating at first, especially since we add new wallpaper daily. However, if you click on the menu to the left, you will find that you can determine where to begin your search. Most people are primarily interested in one of four different aspects to get started:

  • The brand and designer of the wallpaper
  • The room that will be decorated
  • The desired color
  • The style

Decide what is most important for your project, or what will help narrow your search. Once you have selected your starting point, you can sort it by price so that you can focus on wallpaper within your budget. 

The price for a roll of wallpaper reflects five different things about the wallpaper you are viewing.

  • Pre-pasted wallpaper is both easier to install and has a lower cost.
  • Wallpaper with additional visual stimuli, such as glitter or glass beads, will cost a little more.
  • Wallpaper made of a 100% natural elements, it will cost a bit more but is more environmentally friendly.
  • If you want textured wallpaper, you have a number of options for a bit more money.
  • The brand and designer also affect the price.

You can order samples of the choices that you like and have them delivered directly to your home or office before making your final decision.