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Whether you love online shopping or just want to get your shopping done, our selection will make it easy to take your time or just get it done quickly. We cater to virtually every style, taste, and budget.

Take a few moments to browse through our online selection to find your inspiration for your project. Free shipping to Springfield, IL. 

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We know that one of the best ways to find the right feature to pull a room together is with the right wallpaper. This is not always the easiest task, but the task is simplified by shopping online. That is why we have such an extensive collection, and we have organized it so that you don’t have to feel lost or like you are missing something important because it is lost in all of the options.

The room that you are working to decorate will definitely have a specific style. Kitchen wallpaper is very different to wallpaper in a bathroom, bedroom, or living room. If you are focused on a particular room, this is probably your best starting point.

Color usually plays a critical role in finding the right wallpaper, so it is definitely one of the options for your starting point. This can help you quickly zero in on the wallpaper types that are most likely to meet your needs.

If you have a particular style that you are interested in, that is another way to narrow your focus without eliminating things that may work very well for your project. We have several posts that can help you better understand some of the styles, so that may help you find inspiration if you aren’t quite sure what you want but want to look at a particular style.

You can also search based on the brand. Wallpaper brands don’t tend to be common knowledge, but the brand actually tells you a lot about the style, look, and price. 

If you have any questions about wallpaper,, contact one of our experts for more information.