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With one of the best wallpaper selections of any website, we are your one stop online shop. Our stock includes a wide range of styles and colors from most of the major brands on the market. 

Check out our selection to find the right wallpaper for your next home improvement project or new home or for your office. 

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Wallpaper is one of the best additions to the inside of your home to give it a unique look and show off your own personal style. Surrounded by the beauty of Denver, you definitely want to feel comfortable and inspired in your home. Whether that means a classic look, a bright, inviting appearance, or something elegant, you will find inspiration from all of the options. 

Because we know you want to focus on the selection – instead of trying to figure out how to navigate – our site is set up for quick sorting. With most people preferring to look at brand, style, room, or color, our selection is organized into these four categories to help you dive right into your search. Typically, price is one of the primary factors in the final decision. Once you select how you want to find your wallpaper, you can sort your search based on price. 

Wallpaper prices aren’t random; they are based on five factors. If you want something made of 100% natural composition, or if you want texture in your wallpaper, both of these increase the cost of the roll. You can also check out paper with additional elements, like glitter, which costs a bit more (depending on the element used). Pre-pasted wallpaper is both less costly and easier to apply than other types of wallpaper. We carry a large number of brands because this is easily one of the largest components of the final price of a roll. 

We know that trying to use an image on a computer isn’t the best way of determining if a wallpaper is right for a particular room. To get a better idea of how a few of our selections will look in your home, order samples that you want to check out. Once you get to compare the  actual wallpaper, you can either order the one you like best, or look for something else.