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If you need to reorder more wallpaper because you ran short, please provide us with the run number from the previous order. This will alert the customer service representative who processes your order to ask for the exact same run number that was previously shipped to you. 

Locating The Run Number

Each unopened roll has a label on the front that indicates its batch number. This can also be referred to as a batch or lot number by some manufacturers. Simply read the number and put it in the 'instructions' field at checkout.

If you do not know the run/batch number that’s okay! You can still reorder a pattern. Simply indicate in the instruction field your prior order number or tell us the name the previous order was placed under with directions such as “need the same run/batch as my prior order.”

What If I Placed My Order Without the Run/Batch Number?

If you place an order without including the run/batch number or instructions regarding reorder, PLEASE contact one of our Sales Reps as soon as possible to ensure you receive the pattern you require.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer full refunds on orders where a mismatched run/batch occurs due to a lack of communication regarding the run/batch number required. If for any reason you need assistance with your reorder, we are more than happy to assist you.

We accept returns within the 30 business day return limit (calculated from the day you receive your order) as long as the product is unopened, in original packaging, and is not damaged in any way.  Our return policy includes a 35% restocking fee to ensure the continued quality of our products and services.  

If you would like more information about our returns policy, please visit the Return Policy section of our website or click on live chat to speak with one of our sales reps.

We thank you and greatly appreciate your cooperation.