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Providing our customers with one of the largest possible selections in wallpaper has always been one of our primary goals. There is something for everyone, regardless of age, taste, style, or personality. 

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Although it is almost never the focus of the room, you want to find wallpaper that will enhance the other elements of the room. When you get the right wallpaper, it can create the environment you want without drawing attention to it. Of course, you can also select something that is impossible to miss too. That is the beauty of wallpaper, you can pick nearly anything.

Our selection aims to take advantage of the best aspects of wallpaper, offering everything from modern and traditional to bright and cheerful to muted and calming. The problem comes when you try to find your ideal wallpaper. When you first begin your search, the nearly limitless possibilities can be overwhelming. That’s why we have made it easy to filter and sort our options based on your focus and budget. The four most popular way people filter wallpaper are: 

  • Color
  • Room
  • Style
  • Brand 

Click on the menu to the left to get started with your search and select the focus that you think will best narrow your search to wallpaper that meets your vision for the room. Once you have a narrower selection, you can sort it by price and ignore anything outside of your budget.

We also understand the challenges of using a digital image – they simply don’t provide an accurate idea of how the wallpaper will look once it is installed in an area. Once you have your choices narrowed to just a couple of options that you think will work, order samples and we will ship them to you. We want to make sure customers feel inspired and excited, which is exactly what samples can help do.