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Hunting for just the right wallpaper is a lot easier to do today than it was 15 or 20 years ago. Our enormous selection reflects just how different people’s tastes – and budgets – can be. 

Spend a few minutes browsing through our selection to find inspiration. Spend an hour or two finding just the right look for your next project.

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Wallpaper has evolved a lot over the last 100 years. It is more durable, easier to install, and there are many more choices, but the most notable change is just how great a variety you will find when looking through all the available options. There is something for everyone.

To help you find inspiration and the ideal wallpaper for your home, work, or facility, we have made it easy to rule out many options that simply don’t match your vision. Sort our enormous collection of wallpaper by choosing one of the four popular filters:

  • Brand
  • Color
  • Room
  • Style

To stay within your budget, you can sort your filter by price, ruling out the rolls that are too costly for your project. There are five things reflected in price. These are helpful things to know because one of them may also be something of interest to you:

  • Visual additions (such as glass beads or glitter)
  • Textural additions
  • Composition (100% natural composition, like sea cork, tend to cost more)
  • Application method (pre-pasted is both easier to install and lower in cost)
  • Brand and designer

There is a lot more to wallpaper than the appearance though. To help you better understand aspects like the cost, classification, or installation, we have posted articles that detail this kind of information. If a particular option catches your eye, you can learn more to see if it meets you other needs as well.