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With a huge selection or wallpaper that is updated daily, we can be your one-stop-shop place for all your wallpaper needs. Whatever your tastes, styles preference, or budget, you are almost guaranteed to find something you will love. 

Browse through our offerings to find inspiration, as well as the nearly perfect pattern for your next project.

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Wallpaper isn’t something that changes in any blatantly obvious way, like smartphones or computers. The changes have been far subtler over the years, but just as groundbreaking. One of the most noticeable changes is that there is now pre-pasted wallpaper that makes it easier to install, as well as reducing the cost of the wallpaper. The other noticeable change is just how many options you have. Patterns are more intricate and colors more varied now than in any point in history. 

Finding the right wallpaper is a unique and inspiring challenge. When you get started looking through our inventory, you will likely find inspiration from patterns that you hadn’t even considered. This can make it both exciting and frustrating.

To help you, we have provided a filter that will eliminate wallpaper patterns that don’t match what you need. The following are the four most popular search criteria:

  • Color
  • Room
  • Style
  • Brand

Once you find something you like, you can order a sample. Digital images simply don’t give you the right idea of how the wallpaper will look in the room. The sample can provide that last look at the pattern to decide if it is the right one for your project.

There are many other considerations beyond just how the pattern looks or how much it costs. Take some time to browse through our blogs to get a better understanding of topics like wallpaper classification, pattern information, and other important aspects of wallpaper. You can also contact us if you have questions related to your wallpaper project. We love to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience and that their projects are successful.