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We are one of the best online resources in the country for your wallpaper needs. From traditional to classic to modern, we have all the major brands to meet your budget and taste.

Check out or selection to find the perfect wallpaper for your next interior design project. 

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Las Vegas is a vibrant city located in the middle of the desert, so there isn’t too much in between flashy and monotony outside. This is why you may want the inside of your home or business to be something completely different to the two incredibly stark contrasting environments. You can go for a look that is more muted and traditional, something more modern and minimalist, or a wallpaper that is peaceful and calming. Our selection will help you find the right look for your project. 

Our focus is to provide customers with an unrivaled collection of wallpaper. Since this means hundreds of choices, we have made it easy to quickly narrow the focus based on your decided color, the room you want to wallpaper, your chosen style, or a preferred brand. Simply click on the menu to the left to get started. 

Recognizing that price is usually a heavy influence on your final decision, we have added a way to sort based on price. Once you apply sort to your preferred search criteria, the least expensive wallpaper appears first and the most expensive last. 

  • The price of a roll reflects four things about the wallpaper:
  • The brand and designer
  • The composition (100% natural composition is more costly)
  • Additional elements for visual stimulation
  • Additional elements that provide texture
  • The method of application (pre-pasted is less expensive, as well as being easier for non-professionals to install)

Before committing to a single wallpaper, feel free to order a few samples. Having the actual wallpaper in front of you will make deciding on the right wallpaper a whole lot easier.