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We carry all major brands and offer expedited shipping to any location in the Los Angeles metro area.

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We are one of the largest online wallpaper companies in the United States with over 300,000 styles to choose from. We have several mills around the country that ship out samples and rolls of wallpaper to all 50 states. Our team works with homeowners, interior designers, contractors and painting contractors. We also assist several studios, based in the Los Angeles area, source unique wallcovering for various film sets.

Our customer service representations are knowledgeable and aggressive in helping our customers find what they need. We keep it done and many times under pressure within a specified budget.

Wallpaper is back in style. The resurgence the industry has made during the past 5 years has been phenomenal. Thanks to popular home décor television shows a whole generation of younger homeowners and millennials have been introduced to a product they never knew existed before. Wallpaper Boulevard is at the forefront of this renaissance.

We carry 100 of collections that feature both modern and traditional wallcoverings, as well as over 50+ commercial collections that offer Type I and Type II goods. We recommend that all our online customers order samples first to ensure color match. The images on the screen are a digital representation of the actual product and may look slightly different in person. Also keep in mind that wallpaper is priced in single rolls but packaged and sold in double rolls. Note: items will take an average of 1-2 extra days to reach our customers in Los Angeles due to our mills being located in the Northeast. Have fun shopping and please do not hesitate to reach out to us between 9am and 5pm (EST).

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