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If you are hunting for the ideal wallpaper for your next interior decorating project, we like to think you have found your one-stop-shop. Whatever style you have in mind – and whatever your budget – we think you can find it here. 

Check out our online collection to get inspiration and the right wallpaper. Free shipping to Memphis.

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We know how difficult it can be to find the right wallpaper. From an overwhelming number of options to changes in the project, there are so many variables that the hunt can take much longer than you anticipated. You know that you have at least a few hours of hunting ahead of you, but there is a lot that we can do to help reduce how much time you spend considering your options.

We have developed our site to be easy to navigate. When most people research wallpaper designs, they focus on one of four areas:

  • The color that they want to highlight in the room
  • The room where the wallpaper will be installed
  • The style that is designed in the room
  • The brand or designer of the wallpaper

Each of these will yield a different set of results that focus your search. You can browse those results without having to see a lot of options that won’t make sense for your project. Most people also have a set budget. To help you focus on the rolls that are within your budget, you can sort your initial results based on the price per roll.

We know that there are other important factors, such as the complexity of the wallpaper, the audience who will see the wallpaper, and wallpaper classifications. The lobby of a hospital or law firm will need something very different to the wallpaper you hang in a nursery or dining room. Finally, the amount of light and other aspects in the room are critical to finding the perfect wallpaper. To help you find just the right wallpaper for our project, we let you order samples of the wallpapers you like the most. These samples are sent directly to your home, business, or PO Box so that you can make the final determination of what will work best for you.