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Single vs Double Roll

**Please note that as off 10/27/2020 all our residential patterns are priced in double roll quantities, not single rolls.**

If you are planning on purchasing wallpaper or have already made a purchase, there are two important things you should know:


Wallpaper is packaged by the manufacturer in a long double roll.


A long double roll means that you get two rolls of wallpaper on one single roll. This current way of packaging wallpaper has been an industry-wide standard in North America for many decades.

All purchases must be made in even quantities, 2 being the minimum, due to how wallpaper is packaged. If you determine you need 7 single rolls, then you round up and purchase 8 rolls. In this scenario, you would receive 4 double rolls in the mail.

Let's say you ordered two single rolls, and each one covers 28 sq ft. of wall space. Most people would assume they would get a shipment of two separate rolls. However, what you would receive is one double roll, covering 56 sq. feet of wall space. You're getting the exact same quantity of wallpaper, but the two single rolls are combined and packaged into one.


Wallpaper is priced by the single roll.


Even though wallpaper must be purchased by the double roll, it is priced per single roll. This can seem confusing at first, but if you always remember to multiply the wallpaper price by 2, you will get the correct total for each double roll you purchase.


Let’s say you purchase 2 double rolls and the wallpaper is priced at $5.00. The final price of the wallpaper would be $20.00 (4 rolls at $5.00 each).


Roll Sizes

Width is measured in inches.  Most widths will be either 20.5 or 27 inches wide.

Length is measured in feet. Most single rolls will be either 13.5 or 16.5 feet long (or 27 or 33 feet long for double rolls).


Roll Coverage

The three most common single roll sizes and the corresponding wall surface they cover (width, length – respectively) are:

  1.      20.5 in. x 16.5 ft. = 28 sq ft
  2.      27 in. x 13.5 ft. = 30 sq ft
  3.      36 in. x 12 ft. = 36 sq ft


We are happy to answer any questions you might have about your wallpaper purchase. Please contact us at 1-800-838-8981 or email us at if you need further assistance.