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CD-CRW-102 Type II Wallpaper

Commercial Wallpaper

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Price: $18.99 / Yard
Enter Square Footage (Use our area calculator):
Sq Ft
One 30-Yard-Bolt covers 360 sq. feet
Total Price: $

How the price is calculated?

Commercial Wallpaper can only be ordered in 30-yard bolts.
  • Each yard covers 12 sq. ft. (One 30-Yard-Bolt covers 360 sq. feet)
  • Each 30-Yard-Bolt costs $
  • Enter sq. ft. you need to see how many bolts you'll need to order.
  • Total price will be based on the # yards you'll need.


Type 2 Fabric Backed Vinyl Wallcoverings, Class A Fire Rated, Minimum Quantity 30-Yard Bolt

Product Specifications:

  • Pattern #: CD-CRW-102
  • Pattern Name: CD-CRW-102
  • Finish: Fabric Backed Type II Vinyl
  • Match: RandomMatch
  • Paper Attributes: Flame Spread 15, Smoke Developed 20, ASTTM-84 Tunnel Test, Low Emitting Materials, Anti-Microbial
  • Roll Width: 54 in
  • Roll Length: 1 Lineal Yard (30-Yard Minimum)
  • Repeat Length: 0 in

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