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One of our primary goals is to provide online customers with the best selection of wallpaper ranging from traditional to luxurious to modern. We also want to make sure that the selection can meet all budgets, styles, and tastes.

Go through our collection and order samples for direct shipments to your home or office. 

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Surrounded by the beauty of San Diego, you will want to make your home just as comfortable as the world around it. Wallpaper is one option for creating the right environment in your home. Wallpaper Boulevard has a selection that can meet nearly any taste, style, and budget. Whether you want something sunny and bright, traditional and quiet, or something elegant and classy, we have a large selection to help you find the right look for your home. 

To check out all of your options on our website, click on the menu on the left-side of the screen. You can scroll through all of the options based on one of the four most popular search criteria – room, color, style, and brand. Determine which of these is your best starting point, then start your search for the right wallpaper for your home. 

Once you select your best starting point, you can sort by price so that you can keep your viewing within your budget. Wallpaper prices are based on five different aspects:

  • Natural composition, such as 100% cork or sea grass
  • Wallpaper texture
  • Wallpaper backing (pre-pasted wallpaper backing is easier for nonprofessionals to apply and is less expensive than non-woven and acrylic-coated wallpaper)
  • Additional elements, such as glitter, sand, and glass beads add to the cost
  • Brand and designer

We can ship samples as well as wallpaper rolls, and that means you don’t have to rely on a digital image to determine if the wallpaper will work for your needs.