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Santa Monica Wallpaper Store

Looking for a Santa Monica Wallpaper Store? Wallpaper Boulevard has the best selection of wallpaper, borders, murals and area rugs in the country. 

All of our samples and rolls can be ordered online and delivered right to your doorstep. 

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Santa Monica, CA Wallpaper Store....Wallpaper, Borders and Murals
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Wallpaper is trending in Santa Monica and we're delivering the best styles, patterns and colors to your doorstep. Redo your boring walls, add color to your bedroom or make your kitchen area centerpiece of the whole house. 

There are so many fun and exiting things you can do with wallpaper. Why settle for paint? Yes, we know it's easier but it's also far less interesting. So far, mankind has been unable to duplicate the dramatic feeling that wallpaper brings a room. It has the ability to completely transform a particular interior space into something you never thought possible.

Be bold!  Don't settle for subtle neutrals that blend in with the furniture. Live a little with bold florals, dreamy watercolors and distinct lines. Life is too short for boredom. Show your personality in your wallpaper. 

We only represent dependable brands who stand behind their work. Its recommended you order a sample for color match but if there is any defect in your order, either a replacement or full refund will be given to you. Our customer service representatives are also ready to assist you from the hours of 9am to 5pm. Don't settle for boredom. Find fun prints you like and try them out. The world of wallcoverings has never been more exciting.