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Even if you enjoy shopping in person, it is almost impossible to deny that our selection online is much more substantial. We cater to almost every style and budget.  

To get started, check out our extensive collection to find inspiration and your next wallpaper. Free shipping to St Augustine.

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We know just how difficult it is to find the right look for a home in Florida. When your weather pretty much only has two settings – sunny and downpour – you want a look for your room or business that will compliment these kinds of extremes. The walls need to really show your style in the frequent sunshine and to help you feel inspired or energized when it is raining. We know that striking the right balance requires being able to find the right look for your room, office or business.

Our website is designed so that customers can easily navigate our huge collection of wallpaper. Choose one of the four options that you think will either narrow your choices to what you want to focus on or find inspiration based on a particular focus. Begin by choosing what you think will help you best to find the right types of wallpaper for your project:

  • The room where the wallpaper will hang
  • The color that will best highlight the charms of the room or help establish the right environment
  • The style that most closely aligns with your vision for the room
  • The brands that cater to your personal style and taste

After you choose your focus, you can sort your choices based on the price. This makes it easier to ignore the wallpaper that is outside of your budget.

We can send you samples to help you get a sense for how the wallpaper will look in the end – we know that a digital representation just doesn’t quite work for how the end product will look. Knowing how difficult it can be to complete the perfect interior design in Florida, we aim to give you the widest possible selection to meet any budget.