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Our website selection reflects our desire to bring the largest collection of wallpaper possible to our customers.

If you are curious about your options, click on the menu to the right and see just how many different styles, patterns, and colors are available today. Free shipping to Topeka Kansas.

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Topeka Wallpaper Store

Part of the fun of shopping online is that you can find so much more when you aren’t limited by the physical space of an actual store. The Internet lets you look over options that you would probably never have had before online shopping became a popular way to shop. Trying to sort through all of your options is probably the most difficult aspect of the online wallpaper shopping experience, something we have worked to simplify.

Click on the menu to the left and filter your search based on your primary interest. We’ve found that the four most popular methods of narrowing an online search for wallpaper are to look at one of the four particular aspects:

  • The color
  • The room
  • The style
  • The brand

Each of these choices provides a narrower search so that you can rule out a lot of the options that don’t fit with what you imagine the room should look like. With price being another key factor, once you have chosen your primary focus, you can sort the results by price per roll.

If you aren’t sure about any of the details or want to learn more, you can always feel free to contact us. We have experts available to go over prices, pattern difficulty, classifications, installation, or anything else that you would like to know about our selection and wallpaper in general. We want to make your online shopping experience not only easy, but enjoyable as well.