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Damask Harlequin


$65.98/Double Roll
Price: $25.98 / Double Roll

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Our wallpaper is priced and shipped in double rolls. For over 100 years, wallpaper in the USA was priced in single rolls but packaged in double rolls. This confused some people so we switched to double rolls. Please add the amount of rolls you need in multiple of one (1, 2, 3, etc.). We offer 8" x 10" memo samples at $7.99 each.


One of our most popular patterns. This Damask Harlequin wallpaper comes in dark blue & green color with striking gold patterns. This classic wallpaper design will be able to provide a royal look to your room.

Product Specifications:

  • Pattern #: CH28248
  • Pattern Name: Damask Harlequin
  • Finish: Solid Vinyl
  • Match: Straight
  • Paper Attributes: Prepasted, Strippable, Washable
  • Roll Width: 20.5 in
  • Roll Length: 33.0 ft
  • Repeat Length: 27 in
  • Total Square Feet: 56.38 sq. ft

Average Rating: 4.83 out of 5 (6 Reviews) Write a Review

5/5 stars By: (Riverside) on
The whole job was a mess but the wallpaper ended up coming out great. We didn't order enough and then it was backordered. The other wallpaper came from two different lots so we had to start over again and take the old wallpaper down otherwise it would have looked wierd. Oh my, I'm glad this whole th
Dining Room
5/5 stars By: (Fairfax, VA) on
The dining room looks great. We did not know if we should go with the dark or pale blue Harlequin Damask but ultimately choose this one. Love the wallpaper. It gives the room a graceful classic feeling to it without looking too old fashioned.
5/5 stars By: (Charleston SC) on
The accent wall in the new restaurant looks marvelous. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for the fast shipping. We had bought another wallpaper but it was discontinued so we found this one. Funny thing is it ended up working out a lot better.
We Really Like This Wallpaper
5/5 stars By: (Saginaw, Mi) on
Very durable wallpaper. Went up very easily by wetting the back. Love how this wallpaper looks in the bathroom. We wanted to go with something regal and this was perfect. This about doing the other bathroom in a different color after Christmas.
5/5 stars By: (Spring Hill) on
We installed this wallpaper in the bathroom and just loved it. Very easy to clean and wipe with a cloth. My wife choose this wallpaper because of the slight weathered look it has so it gives a room a sorta classic look. Highly impressed.
Pretty paper
4/5 stars By: (Pensacola) on
Long wait to get this wallpaper. The backorder was changed three times but I finally got it. Then we found out that we did not order enough. Sishhh. Pretty wallpaper though. I wish they would communicate a little better on the status of your order but I am pleased with how everything came out.
Damask Harlequin Grand Chateau
MSRP Retail Price: $65.98
Our Price: $25.98
Damask Harlequin Grand Chateau
MSRP Retail Price: $65.98
Our Price: $25.98
Damask Harlequin Grand Chateau
MSRP Retail Price: $65.98
Our Price: $25.98
Damask Harlequin Grand Chateau
MSRP Retail Price: $65.98
Our Price: $25.98
Damask Harlequin Grand Chateau
MSRP Retail Price: $65.98
Our Price: $25.98

  • 3/16/2021 12:22:24 AM crystal bloom: Reply

    How is this wallpaper applied?

  • 11/3/2018 8:51:02 AM Betsie: Reply

    I bought this damask wallpaper. I don’t know if it’s prepasted or not thanks!