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Hydrangea Brown Trail


$99.98/Double Roll
Price: $74.98 / Double Roll

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How the price is calculated?

Commercial Wallpaper can only be ordered in 30-yard bolts.
  • Each yard covers 12 sq. ft. (One 30-Yard-Bolt covers 360 sq. feet)
  • Each 30-Yard-Bolt costs $
  • Enter sq. ft. you need to see how many bolts you'll need to order.
  • Total price will be based on the # yards you'll need.
Our wallpaper is priced and shipped in double rolls. For over 100 years, wallpaper in the USA was priced in single rolls but packaged in double rolls. This confused some people so we switched to double rolls. Please add the amount of rolls you need in multiple of one (1, 2, 3, etc.). We offer 8" x 10" memo samples at $7.99 each.

Product Specifications:

  • Pattern #: CCB76301
  • Pattern Name: Hydrangea Brown Trail
  • Finish: Easy Walls
  • Match: Drop Match
  • Paper Attributes: Strippable, Washable
  • Roll Width: 20.5 in
  • Roll Length: 33.0 ft
  • Repeat Length: 20.5 in
  • Total Square Feet: 56.38 sq. ft

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  • 2/2/2022 10:54:06 PM Yolanda Garcia: Reply

    Hello - Do you have any of the CCB7l6301, Hydrangrea Brown Trail in stock? I’m interested in 20 rolls. I realize it’s been discontinued but hoping you may have stock. Thanks for your time.