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$110.00/ Roll
Price: $94.98 / Roll

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How the price is calculated?

Commercial Wallpaper can only be ordered in 30-yard bolts.
  • Each yard covers 12 sq. ft. (One 30-Yard-Bolt covers 360 sq. feet)
  • Each 30-Yard-Bolt costs $
  • Enter sq. ft. you need to see how many bolts you'll need to order.
  • Total price will be based on the # yards you'll need.
Please remember that online images are digital representations of actual patterns and the true colors may vary slightly (i.e., a little lighter or darker than what you see). Ordering samples for true color match is highly recommended. Wallpaper industry standard size for samples is 8" x 10". We offer standard memo samples for $7.99 each. Bigger-size samples are available for some patterns, and please call us if you are looking for bigger samples.


Shimmering like a mirage in the desert, indistinct figures confound the mind. The amorphous shapes, in enchanting hues on glowing backgrounds, captivate the imagination. Select from silvery white with teal, dark yellow and light tan, or warm white with grey, black, brown, and tan or three more handsome color stories. Stella (CZ2408 – CZ2411) makes an appropriate companion.

Product Specifications:

  • Pattern #: CZ2464
  • Pattern Name: Mirage
  • Finish: Vinyl Coated
  • Match: DropMatch
  • Paper Attributes: Unpasted Backing (Requires Glue)
  • Roll Width: 27 in
  • Roll Length: 54 ft
  • Repeat Length: 24 in

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Mirage Modern Nature
MSRP Retail Price: $110.00
Our Price: $94.98
Mirage Modern Nature
MSRP Retail Price: $110.00
Our Price: $94.98