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Can I Do Wallpaper In A Bathroom?

Posted on: June 04, 2018

The short answer is yes. In fact, if you are new to wallpaper then the bathroom is one of the first rooms in the house you would want to start with. It’s a relatively small area for you to experiment in with large busy patterns that you might be hesitant to use in other parts of the house. Because it’s such a small area the right design can make a HUGE impact!

Some people worry that the moisture and humidity from the shower will cause the wallpaper to peel off. In most cases you won’t have to worry about your bathroom wallpaper peeling off at any faster rate than if it were in any other room in house. Most bathrooms have an air ventilation system that sucks the dampness out of the room within minutes. Newer homes with strong fans take the moisture out within seconds. The steam doesn’t permeate the room long enough to make a negative impact.

If the walls are properly primed before the wallpaper is hung then you should have no problems. What’s more, most vinyl and non-woven wallpapers being made today are washable and scrubbable, meaning you can easily clean your walls with a damp cloth if liquids splash on them.

To be on the safe side, make sure you double check the international wallpaper symbols on the roll packaging or the paper attributes in the product specifications if you are shopping online. You are looking for rolls that say water resistant, washable, highly wash resistant and scrubbable. Keep in mind that different manufacturers will word it differently. If you see the word Sure Strip® or Easy Walls® then you know automatically the wallpaper is a good fit for the bathroom. Those two substrate brands, made by York and Brewter, have the four attributes previously mentioned. They are also prepasted and will not require additional glue.

Wallcovering Symbols

Stay away from using natural grasscloth, mica, natural cork and specialty designer wallpaper with pearlescent and glitter elements added to it. You cannot easily wash these types of wallcoverings and constant cleaning will ruin them. Those types of wallpapers are better suited for other less used parts of the house.

Don’t settle for a sterile bathroom with plain white walls or tiles. Explore all the possibilities this small yet important area can become with wallpaper. There are thousands of bold patterns for you to choose from. Have fun and be creative – your choices are endless!

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