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What Is Half Drop Wallpaper?

Posted on: June 11, 2018

Most wallpapers have repeating patterns, with the exception of faux textures, stripes and solid colors. Knowing how to hang the wallpaper so that the pattern matches from sheet to sheet takes a little bit of preparation before cutting. When you work with wallpaper that has a drop match, it’s best to work off of two rolls at the same time to minimize paper waste (especially important for more expensive wallpapers).

Drop match patterns are complex, and must take a little lining up correctly to be hung properly. First, you may benefit from knowing the length of the pattern repeat. Some patterns are harder to identify than others, so having the length of the repeat handy will help you isolate the beginning and the end. You’ll find this number and one more on the outside of the roll packaging. The top number is the total height of the pattern, while the bottom number tells how much shift in paper is required to match the first sheet to the second.

A half drop is paper that has a pattern that shifts exactly half the length of the pattern. In other words, if you have two sheets of half drop match wallpaper aligned with each other side by side, any point of the pattern on the second sheet will be located halfway between any two consecutive appearances of that same point on the first sheet of paper.

Instead of working off of one roll, and wasting paper in achieving the desired match, you can work off of an even roll and an odd roll. Your first roll will be the even one, while the second will be the odd roll. Measure out the length you need on the first roll, plus your little bit of surplus for, then line up your second roll to match the pattern of the first, and cut so that both rolls are the same length.

Now every sheet you cut off the even roll will be the same, and every length you cut on the odd roll will be the same, so that the pattern always lines up across the sheets. Make sure you mark each strip on the back “odd” or “even”, or by numbers 1,3,5,7 and 2,4,6,8 so you can keep track of the order.

Also, marking the corresponding strip areas on the wall will help. So from your starting point on the wall, measure out one strip’s width and mark it with whatever naming convention you’ve decided upon: odd or #1. Then on the next measurement of width write “even” or “#2” on the wall. Repeat until you’ve covered all of the walls.

As you’re working, double check your measurements and the pattern before you cut to make sure everything is lining up well. Take your time, and follow your method, and your room will be covered in a beautiful half drop wallpaper in no time.

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