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Wallpaper Recommendations for Large, Uneven Areas – Hallways, Foyers, and Stairs

Posted on: November 16, 2016

Wallpapering can be a challenge when the walls are smooth and have the same length. When you add things like stairs and differing heights, the job can seem almost impossible. The strips can seem too long, the cutting too difficult, and the strips are not the same width as the stairs.

You really have two choices:

  • Hire a professional
  • Spend some time planning how to do it.

If you take the second approach, it is best to wallpaper several rooms before starting the troublesome area. You need to feel confident in your ability to wallpaper right before you jump into the challenges unique to uneven areas. Once you have confidence (and a bit of muscle memory), you will find it easier to manage the challenges instead of worrying about the basics too.

Measure, Verify, Then Verify Again

For areas where the wall has varying heights, measuring is critical to ensure that you have the right amount of wallpaper to get the job done. Because this can be so difficult to do, people often opt for painting these areas instead. This is certainly the easier option, but it is also far less intriguing than what wallpaper can inspire.

But if you don’t have the right amount of wallpaper, you could end up with the wrong look. It is always best to buy at least one more roll than you need to ensure you have enough when the time comes. If you need to re-cut or re-apply wallpaper, you will have ample paper to do it. Remember the strips are going to be very long, leaving little room for error.

Consider the Floor Space

If you are going to be working around stairs, make sure to measure the length of the step. You can select a wallpaper that has a length that is easily worked around those steps. It is very unlikely that you will want to buy wallpaper rolls that are the same length as the step (and probably will not find one if you do) because the strips would be far too small. You will want wider strips so that you have to apply fewer strips.

If you start planning and feel overwhelmed, the best advice is to leave it to a professional. These areas are really tricky, and mistakes are very noticeable.

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