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How Long Will Wallpaper Last?

Posted on: June 11, 2018

Wallpaper can have an incredibly long shelf life depending on the steps taken beforehand to ensure it’s been properly installed. Look in homes from the 19th century that have been well maintained, and you’ll find the original wallpaper still adhered firmly to the walls.

While centuries-old paper needs a little bit more TLC to preserve its original beauty, you can trust in the fact that if properly installed, your own wallpaper will last a minimum of 15 years, if not much longer.

Given the longevity of wallpaper, chances are you will grow tired of it before it gives up on you. Design trends seem to be changing more quickly these days. So, you may find a new design that catches your eye long before your wallpaper has reached old age.

Wallpaper lasts such a long time mostly because of its tight adhesion to the wall surface. Properly prepared walls are clean, smooth walls that are primed or sized. If you’ve followed the best practices of wallpaper installation, you can count on wallpaper lasting three times as long as paint.

Painted walls need to be cleaned and touched up often, thanks to dings, scratches, stains, etc. A painted surface may be more susceptible to changing tastes also, since most of us feel much less intimidated by the thought of repainting as opposed to wallpapering. So, a room color might change every few years compared to wallpaper that’s much more likely to hang around a while.

Some styles of wallpaper might need a little more maintenance to continue looking so good. Pure vinyl-free paper will need much more love and care to preserve its beauty, ensuring it’s free of stains or marks. Woven wallpapers made from grasses or other natural materials will also need the same type of upkeep. But the principles of their wall adhesion are the same as any other wallpaper. So, their ability to stay on the walls for decades is also the same.

Despite its strong adherence to the wall, most modern wallpaper that’s been properly installed, is also very easy to remove. Some types have easy-peel adhesive, so that you can pull it off in complete sheets. Other types take a solution to break down the adhesive, but then also peel off quickly in large patches.

Either way, making the choice to put wallpaper up in your home means you won’t need to do it again for as long as you’re in love with your choice. And, once you’ve tired of it, it’s fairly easy to remove.

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