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Wallpaper Ideas

Posted on: June 11, 2018

Looking for wallpaper ideas? We've found that looking for new wallpaper is overwhelming for most people. So, we created this page as a good starting point. Get inspiration from submissions given to us by of our past customers. You may see a picture of a room that gets the juices flowing!

Location: Columbus, GA

Room: Bathroom

Pattern: Network Light Grey Links

Location: Mempis, TN

Room: Dining Room

Pattern: Coverlet Floral

Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Room: Bathroom

Pattern: Beige and Baby Blue Classic Stripe

Location: Orchard Park, NY

Room: Living Room

Pattern: Gold Damask

Location: Houston, TX

Room: Master Bedroom

Pattern: Biwa Platinum Vertical Weave

Location: Madison, Al

Room: Bathroom

Pattern: Grey Faded Damask

Location: Indian Land, SC

Room: Nursery

Pattern: Purple Butterfly Camo

Location: Sanford, NC

Room: Dining Room

Pattern: White Weathered Wood

Location: Pineville, NC

Room: Living Room

Pattern: Blue Geometric Links

Location: Hanapepe, HI

Room: Kitchen

Pattern: Dogwood

Location: Ferguson , MO

Room: Hallway

Pattern: Grey & Silver Floral Damask

Location: Harrisburg, PA

Room: Kitchen

Pattern: Orange Rust & Tan Brick

Location: Hockessin, DE

Room: Living Room

Pattern: Parisian Chestnut Parquet

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