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Top 4 Most Expensive and Unique Wallpapers in the World

Posted on: October 21, 2016

Most Expensive Wallpaper In the World - Les Guerres D’Independence

The primary purpose of wallpaper is to dress up a room so that the space does not look so bland while offering a little extra protection for the wall. However, there are certain luxury wallpapers that take this purpose to a whole new level.

  1. Our top entry is actually a Guinness World Record holder. Called “Les Guerres D’Independence” or “The Wars of Independence,” this particular wallpaper costs over $79,000 for 32 panels (a complete set), and that does not include putting the panels on the walls. The paper is expensive because it is an accurate representation of a nineteenth century woodblock scene of military action. You also need a large room for the representation as it is nearly 50 ft long and you have to buy the complete set.
  2. Any wallcovering done by Mark Evans makes this list. As a wallpaper artist who carves whatever his clients want into leather coverings on their walls, everything he creates is a masterpiece. That means the cost is astronomical, but the results are stunning and unique.
  3. Handpainted de Gournay is easily one of the most expensive types of wallpapers out there because (as the name suggests) each part of the wallpaper is hand painted, making everything the company produces entirely unique. Some of the wallcoverings even look like typical wallpaper until you get up close and see the detail and how varied the panels really are. These wallpapers are breathtaking in their scope and appearance.
  4. Although it isn’t the kind of wallpaper you can buy, the paper covering the walls of the No Name Pub and McGuire’s Irish Pub is certainly expensive; It’s just that you can’t buy it. Both of these establishments had patrons who decided to leave dollar bills on the walls. Over time, those dollars have multiplied to the point that the entire walls are literally wallpapered in dollars.  It is estimated that there is more than $750,000 bills from the ceiling alone at the No Name Pub.

While these wallpapers may not be within your price range, they certainly demonstrate just what you can do to make your home reflect your personality. 

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