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Stores That Carry Wallpaper In Stock

Posted on: November 07, 2016

Finding stores that carry wallpaper in stock these days is next to impossible. The whole industry has changed over the past twenty years to minimize overhead. Having a backroom full of physical stock that the customer can pickup right now, is a thing of the past.

You might find a few stores scattered around country with wallpaper in stock, but we can almost guarantee you it will not be updated and consist of mainly older patterns and probably from manufacturers that went bankrupt. Even the remaining brick n’ mortar stores are not replenishing their stock like they used to.

Most online wallpaper stores, like ours, keep the top 10-20 patterns on hand that tend to sell every day. However, for the most part, wallpaper stores ship directly from the mill. These mills are housed throughout several locations in the United States (Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Tennessee). As you can see, most of our wallpaper manufacturers are in the Eastern part of the United States. This is the reason why it always takes our West Coast customers a few extra days for their order to arrive. Usually, the further away you are from the Eastern Time Zone, the longer it will take your wallpaper order be delivered, but don't worry! It's not much longer.

Wallpaper stores ship directly from the mill in order to cut down on inventory costs and overhead costs, which, by standard practice 20 years ago, were crippling many companies. This resulted in many companies going out of business or Bankrupt (Blue Mountain, Waverly, Imperial, etc..)

Like most retail stores, none of the products sell for full MSRP. Even the designer brands, with Minimum Advertised Prices, are discounted. Once you factor in in credit card charges (4%), shipping, and the standard 30% off MSRP, our margins on actual sales are actually very thin. In many cases, we break even on orders unless they are over a certain size. Successful stores make their money on volume and not margin. But, to offer these kinds of savings, most wallpaper stores cannot keep 100,000 different patterns, just sitting there, in stock, at their location.

Nowadays, it’s very unlikely you will find any wallpaper in stock. You will have to order the wallpaper and wait at least 3-5 business days for your package to arrive to your home. That is the reason why we always recommend ordering a little more than you think you will need because you'll have to wait another week (or more if it's backordered!) for more wallpaper if you run short.

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