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Wallpaper Ideas for the Bedroom

Posted on: January 23, 2021

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom may seem a bit intimidating. After all, the bedroom is the room where you spend nearly half your time. Granted, most of those hours are slated for sleeping, but the bedroom is where you’ll end long days and wake up refreshed. Choosing a wallpaper that sparks these feelings is an essential part of effectively decorating a bedroom.

Consider the general feeling you’d like your room to convey. Do you want to go to bed in a darkened sensual room, or would you like to wake up on a sunny beach? Are you looking for a place to decorate with your favorite colors and themes, never mind the style?

This may seem like a major commitment, but the most important part of choosing bedroom wallpaper is to make sure it is in line with your personality. The bedroom is private -- a restful sanctuary away from the rest of the house -- and designing this room should align with your personality. Whatever your taste, there is something everyone, from traditional florals and trompe l’oeil, to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs,” says  Homes and Gardens. We couldn’t agree more!

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 1 Wallpaper Boulevard

Elegant Showcase

Elegance comes in many styles, from decorating with a light touch to incorporating bold art pieces. Wallpapering your bedroom with showstopping patterns adds instant elegance.

To choose your decorative direction, consider your taste in furniture. If you prefer heavy antique furniture in rich dark woods, check out the damask from Wallpaper Boulevard. Victorian opulence is always in fashion.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 2 Wallpaper Boulevard

If your decorative taste leans more toward antique quilts and dainty furniture, check out traditional florals in pastel colors. The gentle colors and classic patterns look simultaneously nostalgic and modern against this smooth silky headboard.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 3 Wallpaper Boulevard

You can’t go wrong with graceful tonals in subtle tones. Two-tone stripes, scrolls, and subtle patterns are a lasting choice for any bedroom. This fragile-looking wallpaper emphasizes its elegance with shining two-tone metallics.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 4 Wallpaper Boulevard

Dark and Restful

Insomniacs, rejoice! The old “rules” about never using dark colors on wallcoverings are no more. If a dark gray, navy, or even black wallpaper makes you feel more restful, Wallpaper Boulevard has you covered. To brighten up the darkened space, choose light-colored decorations, window treatments, and rugs. Install good lighting to balance dark wallpaper. 

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 5 Wallpaper Boulevard

Romantic and Sensual

Let’s be honest. Creating a romantic atmosphere is a big part of decorating the bedroom, especially for couples. The bedroom is the most intimate room in your home. Rich jewel tones get the point across with a wink and a nod while creating a sense of timeless elegance. Any jewel tone works beautifully in the bedroom, and “walls painted in emerald green still lend a sense of opulence, especially when paired with other jewel tones, such as amethyst, sapphire blue and ruby red,” says Grand Designs Magazine

If you’re not a fan of green, blue, or violet in the bedroom, Valentine’s day red sparks romantic love like no other color. Indulge your passionate side with a rich red wallpaper with subtle textural elements. For the more literal decorator, these sweet happy couples might make you feel inspired.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 6 Wallpaper Boulevard

Textural Interest

Since the bedroom walls are usually immune to daily chaos and extensive wear and tear (after all, you’re sleeping in there most of the time!) this is a great space to try delicate wallpapers that wouldn’t hold up anywhere else. Feel free to choose a delicate paper that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere, like glitters, grasscloths, or delicate textural papers.

Textured wallpapers add dimension and warmth to a room that may otherwise look flat. Try a basket weave wallpaper for a subtle look. This is an excellent option for a room that gets a lot of sun; textured papers keep the room from looking washed out in bright light. Try shimmering silky paper in a space with low light. “Adding a tactile surface to walls will help create a sense of depth that can be temporary if you don’t fancy a drastic change,” says Grand Designs Magazine.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 7 Wallpaper Boulevard

Animal Prints

There are animal print patterns and animal print patterns. At Wallpaper Boulevard, you can choose from zebra, leopard, tiger, and even peacock feather prints in a rainbow of colors. Snakeskin and alligator print wallpaper puts a seductive spin on animal print.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 8 Wallpaper Boulevard

When it comes to prints of animals, there’s no shortage of choices. Birds are a familiar favorite, but the options are nearly endless. Find wallpaper patterned with deer, dragonflies, and even dogs!

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 9 Wallpaper Boulevard

Bring the Outdoors In

After a long day of hiking, cloud-watching, or beach lounging, do you wish you could continue your day indoors? Beachy nauticals and birch tree prints are popular with outdoor enthusiasts. Florals, leaves, and tree patterns are evergreen for any personality. Wallpaper Boulevard has dozens of outdoorsy options in almost any color imaginable. 

“We’ve incorporated several leaf prints in our collection, because the next best thing to being in nature is surrounding yourself with it at home,” say Drew and Jonathan Scott. Check out some leafy designs in the Scott Living collection from Wallpaper Boulevard.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 10 Wallpaper Boulevard

Floral wallpaper doesn’t have to look antique. Pastels are beautiful, but so are rich colors and bold patterns. Choose an oversized rose pattern to freshen up a bedroom with dramatic flair.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 11 Wallpaper Boulevard

Contemporary Classics

All of these classic patterns are great, but what about modern art lovers? Can you beautify a bedroom with bold colors and exciting patterns? Of course! If you have a membership to MOMA, express your love of the unique. Use brightly colored wallpapers to cover all four walls to make a real statement, or create a focal point with an accent wall.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 12 Wallpaper Boulevard

Historic Homes

Even if you’re a modern art buff, your Victorian home may not look quite “right” with contemporary wallpaper in bright colors and high-contrast motifs. Maintain your home’s look with delicate papers like damask, florals, and simple designs. This elegant bedroom emphasizes the glittering foil design with an intricately-carved headboard and only a few pops of color.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 13 Wallpaper Boulevard

Be Yourself

The bedroom is your personal space, so there’s no better room to choose a wallpaper that speaks to you. Where else would you be able to decorate with all of your favorite things? Not every room in the house has to be color-coordinated; design your private space with patterns that are distinctly “you.” Whether you’re a huge comic book fan, a Disney princess aficionado, or really into monkeys, Wallpaper Boulevard has a great selection of specialty wallpapers.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 14 Comic Book Wallpaper Boulevard

Guest rooms

Unlike private bedrooms, guest rooms should be toned down. Whether your guests are friends, family, or extended relatives, you’ll want to design a room that works for all personalities. Guest rooms are welcoming when they’re simple, elegant, and cozy, so look for an understated wallpaper. Feel free to indulge in florals, patterns, geometrics, and motifs, but keep them understated.

Opt for a more neutral pattern in the guest room and jazz it up with a few pops of color. The spacious bedroom below plays up neutral beige and gray with enthusiastic orange motifs on the wallpaper and coordinating bed coverings.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 15 Wallpaper Boulevard

Kids’ rooms

You didn’t think we forgot the kids, did you? Children have tons of options when it comes to bedroom design. Just like the grownup bedroom, kids’ rooms are their spaces, their sanctuaries, their place to express themselves. Why not let kids choose patterns that really speak to their personalities? Outside of traditional styles and prints, there are loads of novelty choices at Wallpaper Boulevard. From footballs to fairy tales, little kid wallpaper options are far from boring.

If you’re not willing to devote an entire room to cars and trucks, try an accent wall with coordinating colors. This black and white car pattern appeals to kids, but can be easily tempered with red white and gray stripes. Choose solid colored furniture to keep the little ones calm.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 16 Wallpaper Boulevard

The nursery is every new parent’s favorite room in the house. The design possibilities are nearly endless. From bright and cheerful primaries to gentle gender-neutrals, wallpapering the new baby’s room is a joy. This perfectly color-coordinated nursery embraces the theme of purple butterflies without going overboard.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas 17 Wallpaper Boulevard

Have you decided which sort of feeling you’d like from your bedroom decor? Wallpapering any part of the home is an exciting prospect with almost endless possibilities. The bedroom is a great place to experiment and express your personality. From enthusiastic boldness to rest and relaxation, you’ll have no trouble finding a wallpaper that works for your bedroom. Your biggest issue will be narrowing down your choices! 


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