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Variety of Grasscloth Wallpapers

Posted on: December 07, 2016 by admin

Grasscloth wallpaper looks amazing and can create a more peaceful feel in any room. As the unique wallpaper gains in popularity, wallpaper manufacturers have created several different looks to better align with a particular tone or style.

Finding the right grasscloth begins with determining which type of grasscloth wallpaper you want. There are two primary types of grasscloth:

- Natural grasscloth

- Vinyl grasscloth

Once you know which of the two you want, you have a lot of choices as to the look. To help you choose the right pattern, this article highlights the five most popular patterns.

Natural Versus Vinyl

Natural grasscloth has texture and an asymmetrical beauty that draws the eyes to admire the entire room instead of a small aspect (such as a repeating design). It is often handcrafted, giving it the elegant appearance that also comes at a high price. The grass fibers are built into the wallpaper, so that when you touch it, you can actually feel all of the different textures that make up the wallpaper. Because it is easier to tear than traditional wallpapers, it is best to keep it in rooms where there is not a lot of traffic.

Vinyl grasscloth is made by machines and lacks the texture of the natural grasscloth wallpapers. While it lacks some of the elegance of natural grasscloth, it is usually less expensive and considerably more durable. Manufacturers have even found ways to create the illusion of a natural grasscloth so that the only way to tell that it is vinyl is by touching the wallpaper.

Five Most Popular Grasscloth Wallpaper Designs

One of the primary attractions to grasscloth (besides the interesting texture) is the earthy tones and colors that make a room feel more natural. The following are the five most popular grasscloth colors and designs on the market.

  1. Amber – This color and tone creates the feel of a sunrise or fiery sunset, making a room feel warm and inviting.
  2. Brown – This color creates a much mellower and subtle feel to a room. It can mimic a wide range of different earthy tones, such as wood, chocolate, and bronze.
  3. Gray – If you want a muted and calming room, gray is probably your best option. It goes well with a room that has a modern feel because gray grasscloth wallpaper is reminiscent of slate, concrete, and powder, sometimes it may have a little blue mixed in.
  4. Green – Reminiscent of woods and fields, green is very popular because of how natural it looks and feels. You have a wide range of choices in the green shades, from soft pastels to vibrant greens.
  5. Yellow – For a relaxing and warm feeling, yellow if the perfect grasscloth. Use a soft cream color in a living room or a brighter, more friendly yellow for dining areas.