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Grasscloth Wallpaper Will Always Have Seams

Posted on: October 29, 2019

Yes, authentic grasscloth wallpaper will always have visible seems. It's part of the look and there is no way of minimizing it. No two blades of grass look exactly alike therefore no two grasscloth rolls, even from the same batch, will look exactly alike. 

Many homeowners and interior designers don't know this and become shocked, sometimes enraged, at the final result because they were unaware of this aspect.

They had no idea that choosing grasscloth wallcoverings = visible seams.

Phillip Jeffries Silk Grasscloth Wallpaper

It's nobody's fault. There's no school we go to in high school or college that teaches us about wallpaper. Even excellent interior designers, who haven't have a lot of experience with wallpaper in general, have gotten blindsided when their valued client complained about the repeating seams.

In this scenario many people point the finger at the installer or claim the wallpaper is defective. It's an embarrassing mistake that few want to own up to. What makes things worse is that grasscloth wallpaper costs several hundred dollars per double roll. It's an expensive lesson to learn!

Phillip Jeffries Silk Grasscloth Wallpaper In Bedroom

Seams are not bad, per se. Tens of thousands of people order grasscloth every year and are thrilled with the end result. Seams are a part of the special earthy look that natural grasscloth wallpaper brings to a room.

However, problems arise when someone wasn't going for that look. The homeowner might find grasscloth interesting, for someone else, but she wanted would a congruent wall with little to no visible seams. And her whole world is upside down the moment she sees all those seemingly never-ending vertical lines.

So hopefully this article finds you before that happens. Hopefully, you read this article before you order grasscloth wallpaper for either yourself or your client.

If you do not want the "grasscloth seam effect" then we suggest going with faux grasscloth wallpaper. Faux grasscloth prints have far less visible seams than natural grasscloth. Seams are still there but they are less pronounced and in some cases unrecognizable.

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