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Basic Tips on Applying Wallpaper

Posted on: November 16, 2016 by admin

Everyone has their own opinion on how difficult it is to apply wallpaper. A person’s experience says almost as much about them as it does about the project. If you want to make sure your project is a success, here are a few basic tips.

Consider Your Level of Experience When Picking the Design

If you plan to hang the wallpaper yourself, you need to pick a wallpaper design that matches your level. People with little or no experience should start with random reversible patterns. This ensures that you have an easier time with the basics instead of worrying about the application and pattern.

Hide Mistakes before You Start

Paint a one-inch stripe at the top of the wall, using a color that closely matches the color of the wallpaper background. This will make it difficult to tell if the wallpaper isn’t perfectly aligned against the ceiling. The other option is to apply a border at the end. Either way, you can build hiding mistakes into the look.

Tools and Wallpaper Amount

The best way to ensure success is to make sure you are prepared to start. This means having all of the right tools before you begin, and having more wallpaper than you need. You do not need a lot of extra paper, but you need to consider mistakes into the process. Dye lots will cause your wallpaper to look different, so you want to make sure that all of the wallpaper looks the same (from the same dye lot), which means planning for mistakes.

Cut the Power

You need to have the power turned off in the room where you are wallpapering. That means both your light switches and power outlets should be off. Of course, it needs to be a sunny day so that you have adequate lighting to do the job right.

Read about Primer and Any Other Instructions

Almost all wallpaper comes with instructions on what needs to be done, especially about the primer. Make sure you have both read and understand what is required to avoid remorse later because you missed the obvious.


You can use either a plumb bob or a level to make sure that your paper is even all the way across. No wall is perfectly perpendicular to the ceiling. The plumb bob or level will make sure that paper is straight, even if the wall isn’t perfect.

Stop After Cutting the First Strip

Take extra time with that first strip. Lay it out on the floor after you measure it. Verify that it is the right size before you apply it, that way you can have a smooth beginning to the process, instead of starting by having to re-do that first strip.